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“The ultimate aim of the art of karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the characters of its participants”  Gichin Funakoshi

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Book “Katas Superieurs Shotokan-Ryu” by master Taiji KASE, 9th Dan is now available to buy from Kamikaze.

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International Open Karate Course with Sensei Pascal Lecourt 6th Dan and

Sensei Nico Ibscher 4th Dan.

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Sensei Fedyk celebrates his 60th birthday in and outside the dojo!

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Sensei Cattle

Sensei Steve Cattle (1947 to 1995)


Sensei Steve Cattle started martial arts with judo in 1960 at the age of 12 in York and after 10 years he had gained nidan (second dan black belt). Later in 1962 he also began training in karate under the instruction of Sensei Gordon Thompson, at the first karate club in York. He was awarded his shodan (1st dan black belt) by Sensei Enoeda five years later. Steve went on to become a member of the British team in 1966 until he stopped competing in 1989. Sensei Taiji Kase awarded Steve his 6th Dan in 1994.


Steve Cattle died suddenly in 1995 but his legacy continues in the association he founded, the English Shotokan Academy (ESA). The senior ESA instructors all trained with Steve and his advanced teaching methods are still being used and passed on today, together with those of his teacher, Sensei Taiji Kase. Steve was a very well-known and highly respected karate-ka and as a former British champion and member of the British team for 25 years, winning many major titles, he was renowned for his phenomenal speed and superb fighting spirit. Steve, who had a degree in theology, was a karate historian and would study and research different styles of karate.  However, it was his in-depth study of kata that made him a bunkai (application) expert. As Steve put it, the movements in the kata are “the heart and soul” of karate, something the ESA continues to put emphasis on.  



Steve, who was one of Sensei Taiji Kase’s closest students, told his own students before setting up the ESA that, "Sensei Kase is planning a system of Shotokan karate which will take us not into the 1990's but into the next century. I intend to follow him, I simply want to get better."